Hyperbaric chamber helps with severe neurological disorders

Parkinson’s disease is a relatively common disease that occurs most often in older people, but can also occur at a younger age. Some people manifests dementia, some manifests Parkinson’s disease. The cause of its origin is unknown.

Experts claim that it is due to degenerative diminishment of neural cells.
First of all, it results in the loss of dopamine in the brain centers that control movement. It might be caused by loss of cells that release dopamine in these places, or loss of cells in areas of the gray matter of the brain (the basal ganglia) that control movement. Parkinson’s disease might be caused by a variety of damages.

Primary symptoms:
  • Shaking (tremor)
  • Muscle stiffness (rigidity)
  • Bradykinesia (slowness of movement)
Secondary symptoms:
  • Gait disturbance
  • Writing disorder
  • Speech disorder
  • Mimics change
  • Loss of smell
  • Depression

New hope has risen for patients with Parkinson

It is encouraging that Italian and Russian scientists have reported success in treating this disease. HBOT might be able to provide hope that patients are looking for.

Hyperbaric oxygen is the only treatment that can act directly at the cause of neurologic disease. The result is a permanent change in functionality of brain tissue due to the improved blood supply and stimulating effect of oxygen on damaged cells, which are located in areas with low blood flow. From our experience it is shown that 30 sessions (exposures) is the threshold for permanent effect in many patients.

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The HBO facility is made up of a 12-digit pressure chamber of the HAUX-STARMED 2200 / 5.5 / XL type of the German manufacturer HAUX-Life Support, GmbH with additional 2 places in the pre-chamber. It is possible to treat a patient on the bed in the chamber.

The maximum operating pressure of the chamber is 5 bar (6.5 ATA). Standard features include built-in fully automatic fire extinguishers, patient audio / video monitoring, air conditioning, computer / manual exposure control,% saturation O2%, chamber atmosphere O2% aspiration. A storage chamber tunnel is part of the chamber. The chamber is filled with air (pressurized) (not 100% oxygen as in 1-chamber chambers). 100% of medical oxygen is inhaled by patients through closed masks.
  • Capacity for 12 people
  • Max. Operating pressure 5 bar
  • Filling with atmospheric air
  • Patient Audio / Video Surveillance
  • automatic exposure control
  • Measurement of the percentage of oxygen saturation and the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere of the chamber
  • Inhalation of medical oxygen through closed masks
  • audio and video system for the patient
  • integrated fire extinguisher
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