Michal Bekeš

Oxymed is involved in training preparations of the Slovak Ski Speed ​​Racer Michal Bekes!

“Hyperbaric Chamber helps me handle the extreme pressure caused by the pressure of elevation of about 500 m during speed skiing.
After five therapies, my swelling and blood drainage completely subsided, so I was able to take part in the races in The World Cup and the World Championships in Sweden and Andorra.”

Michal Bekeš

Oxymed is involved in the preparation of athletes

Paralympijskí stolní tenisti
Paralympic table tennis

Martin Ludrovský (PH London 2012 – 1st in teams), Rastislav Revúcky (PH Peking 2008 – 1st place in teams, PH London 2012 – 1st place in teams), Andrej Mészáros, Peter Mihálik

Ján Riapoš
Ján Riapoš
a multiple European champion in table tennis, for disabled, in individuals

(PH Athens 2004 – 1st place in individual, PH Beijing 2008 – 1st place in teams, PH London 2012 – 1st place in teams, PH London 2012 – 1st place in individual)

Ivan Jakeš
motorcycle racer

“At the Oxymed Center, I have completed recommended number of exposures, which have improved my performance in sport and reduced my oxygen debt.”

Richard Riedl

“After having undergone oxygen breathing exposures under increased pressure at the Oxymed Center, less lactic acid would dissolve in my muscles than before which was proven by reduced muscular fever after exercising.”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also used by world’s athletes

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

“During my recovery, hyperbaric chamber played an important role. I went through plasma treatment for a damaged on my left knee ligament. The hyperbaric chamber helped to accelerate healing afterwards. “

James Harrison
James Harrison

“My body earns money. Sessions in the hyperbaric chamber helps me get into shape between games, and make my body an impenetrable armor. “

Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney

English football striker, Premier Leaque Manchester United player Wayne Rooney used hyperbaric chamber to accelerate the treatment of a broken leg before the world championship.

The importance of OXYMED programs in neurological diseases

In Europe, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, in combination with neurorehabilitation, represents a unique concept of its kind. Children with cerebral palsy, craniocerebral injury, or stroke may, alongside the well-established concept of space medical treatment, also use hyperbaric oxygenation.

In hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO therapy), the body receives oxygen under pressure. In the hyperbaric chamber “body awakens by breathing”. So called sleeping neurons in the central nervous system are activated. This increases the brain’s capacity to learn, and the movement system becomes more “apt to learn” and is able to resist difficulties. Followed by training, new information in the brain is better “anchored”. Thus, the central nervous system learns the right movement stereotypes.

Acknowledgment from our patients

Mohame Kandel
Mohame Kandel

Liebe Oxymed, es hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Mohamed war immer sehr zufrieden. Er hat es in der Kammer sehr gut ausgehalten und prima mitgemacht. Es waren immer sehr nette und liebe Leute dabei. Es hat uns Spass gemacht. Vielen Dank fuer alles! Fam. Kandel

Miška Krišková
Miška Krišková

HBO therapy is a great help for Miška. She is gradually waking up after more than eight years of sleep in the white coma. Although our steps forward are tiny, we are still advancing and we are very excited. The best thing about this is that Miška also enjoys the fact that she can keep her head and slowly begins to control her body. Thank you for your loving and kind approach and we look forward to your next stay. Kriškovci “

Agnese Domenichini
Agnese Domenichini

Questa é la prima volta che Agnese fa la camera iperbarica all´Adeli e devo dire che ci siamo trovate molto bene. Abbiamo trovato professionalita, cortesia, gentilezza ed attenzione ai problemi dei pazienti. Ringraziamo tutti

Alex Anton Firta
Alex Anton Firta

Thank you to the people we met in the hyperbaric chamber therapy for a very human and professional approach. We are glad that Alex have been treated in this chamber and we are looking forward to improvements of his condition.

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The HBO facility is made up of a 12-digit pressure chamber of the HAUX-STARMED 2200 / 5.5 / XL type of the German manufacturer HAUX-Life Support, GmbH with additional 2 places in the pre-chamber. It is possible to treat a patient on the bed in the chamber.

The maximum operating pressure of the chamber is 5 bar (6.5 ATA). Standard features include built-in fully automatic fire extinguishers, patient audio / video monitoring, air conditioning, computer / manual exposure control,% saturation O2%, chamber atmosphere O2% aspiration. A storage chamber tunnel is part of the chamber. The chamber is filled with air (pressurized) (not 100% oxygen as in 1-chamber chambers). 100% of medical oxygen is inhaled by patients through closed masks.
  • Capacity for 12 people
  • Max. Operating pressure 5 bar
  • Filling with atmospheric air
  • Patient Audio / Video Surveillance
  • automatic exposure control
  • Measurement of the percentage of oxygen saturation and the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere of the chamber
  • Inhalation of medical oxygen through closed masks
  • audio and video system for the patient
  • integrated fire extinguisher
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