Hyperbaroxie (HBO) is a treatment method that involves inhalation of oxygen under conditions of increased atmospheric pressure. The air contains almost 21% of oxygen and 78% of nitrogen. With hyperbaroxia, the inhaled concentration of oxygen nears 100%, that is, 5 times higher than in the air. The working pressure in the hyperbaric chamber is 2.5 to 3 times higher than the atmospheric pressure. The oxygen supply at HBO can be up to 15 times higher than normal atmospheric pressure. There is full saturation of hemoglobin by oxygen, a exponential increase in paric oxygen pressure and its physical dispersion in blood plasma. Dissolved oxygen remains in the body and aids in repair and regeneration processes, among others, by improving the metabolic function in cells.

Hyperbaroxie like any other treatment has its indications, contraindications, potentially adverse side effects. Results and effects should not be overestimated or underestimated. HBO is not a miracle medicine. In general, HBO is considered a safe healing procedure. Nevertheless, hyperbaric oxygen is potentially toxic. Toxicity can be affected by corticosteroids, insulin, adrenaline, CO2 inhalation, fever …

Observing the treatment regimen and the prescribed number of exposures may act as prevention. An important role here plays certain adaptive abilities of the body. Increased oxygen helps the brain to activate “sleeping” cells and minimize its damage. It supports repair and regeneration processes in the body and accelerates wound healing. It is also suitable for athletes, top managers or for its anti-aging effect is increasingly applied in wellness and beauty.

Because of the increased pressure in the chamber, the body is able to absorb 100 percent of oxygen, which can be dissolved in blood plasma and can quickly penetrate into the tissues and body fluids, thus even into places where blood stream is restricted.

For example, after overcoming a stroke, there are parts of the brain where bloodstream is restricted or does not reach at all,so no oxygen is present. Thanks to the chamber it will. An increased oxygen supply helps regenerate and “kick” the metabolism of cells which begin to regenerate.


The HBO facility is made up of a 12-digit pressure chamber of the HAUX-STARMED 2200 / 5.5 / XL type of the German manufacturer HAUX-Life Support, GmbH with additional 2 places in the pre-chamber. It is possible to treat a patient on the bed in the chamber.

The maximum operating pressure of the chamber is 5 bar (6.5 ATA). Standard features include built-in fully automatic fire extinguishers, patient audio / video monitoring, air conditioning, computer / manual exposure control,% saturation O2%, chamber atmosphere O2% aspiration. A storage chamber tunnel is part of the chamber. The chamber is filled with air (pressurized) (not 100% oxygen as in 1-chamber chambers). 100% of medical oxygen is inhaled by patients through closed masks.
  • Capacity for 12 people
  • Max. Operating pressure 5 bar
  • Filling with atmospheric air
  • Patient Audio / Video Surveillance
  • automatic exposure control
  • Measurement of the percentage of oxygen saturation and the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere of the chamber
  • Inhalation of medical oxygen through closed masks
  • audio and video system for the patient
  • integrated fire extinguisher
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