Stroke or cerebral infarction is acute condition caused by ischemia of a certain area of ​​the brain, resulting generally in the development of limbs weakness in varying degrees, impaired speech, and often impaired vision and balance.

Each year, there are about 6 millions people suffering from stroke and more and more younger people get affected.

Although the human brain represents only 2% of the total weight of a person, for its proper functioning, it requires up to 20% of the total consumption of oxygen needed for the entire human body. Cerebral infarction interrupts blood flow to certain parts of the brain and hence oxygen supply.

Initial malfunctions of brain cells occurring in the early stages, might be recovered, if the oxygen supply is renewed. After longer periods of oxygen deprivations, however, death of brain cells occurs followed by permanent brain damage and the resulting movement or speech impairment.


How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can help in case of acute stroke?

Use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy after an occurance of a stroke can improve oxygen supply to the affected area of ​​the brain and thus prevent further damage and avert the death of brain cells.

Oxygen inhaled under heightened pressure gains higher concentrations in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid and penetrates into the area of ​​cerebral infarction where blood flow is stopped or significantly restricted.

The sooner the treatment starts, the more brain tissue may be saved from permanent damage. This especially applies to areas in the peripheral areas of cerebral infarction – so called dormant or frozen neurons, which due to lack of oxygen supply have slower metabolism. The results of several studies suggest, however,that the influence of hyperbaric oxygen therapy even after few years, leads to “awakening of dormant brain cells,” and the resulting improvement in brain functions.


Vladimir P. Barton – Slovak theater, film and dubbing actor who recovered after a stroke, underwent a specific treatment plan in Oxymed Center, for the second time. Video on how he was helped with the use of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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The HBO facility is made up of a 12-digit pressure chamber of the HAUX-STARMED 2200 / 5.5 / XL type of the German manufacturer HAUX-Life Support, GmbH with additional 2 places in the pre-chamber. It is possible to treat a patient on the bed in the chamber.

The maximum operating pressure of the chamber is 5 bar (6.5 ATA). Standard features include built-in fully automatic fire extinguishers, patient audio / video monitoring, air conditioning, computer / manual exposure control,% saturation O2%, chamber atmosphere O2% aspiration. A storage chamber tunnel is part of the chamber. The chamber is filled with air (pressurized) (not 100% oxygen as in 1-chamber chambers). 100% of medical oxygen is inhaled by patients through closed masks.
  • Capacity for 12 people
  • Max. Operating pressure 5 bar
  • Filling with atmospheric air
  • Patient Audio / Video Surveillance
  • automatic exposure control
  • Measurement of the percentage of oxygen saturation and the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere of the chamber
  • Inhalation of medical oxygen through closed masks
  • audio and video system for the patient
  • integrated fire extinguisher
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